The Photographer


My passion for photography was discovered purely by accident and I am continually thankful for how it has transformed my life. So often I hear wonderful stories of how a child's first camera influences their curiosity with the medium, as well as instilling in them an adventurous and explorative spirit. Excitedly with their new toy in hand, they learn to utilize it, not only capturing the wondrous and amazing world around them, but eventually refining their own form of visual expression. Eventually, that toys becomes a precision tool, acting as their eye, seeing the world as they interpret it. For me it was not until my early adult life that I came to discover this craft, feeling so much like a child, once again, seeing our world in fresh and new ways. 

Most important in my exploration of photography is the love of subject matter that inspires me. As a patron, I proudly hang the works of photographers who I find are capable to making the observer think less like an outsider looking in and more like a participant feeling they are experiencing the moment each image was captured. These artists bring to life beautiful desert and mountain landscapes which are so familiar from my youth. As a native of Nevada, I grew up exploring such deserts and climbing similar mountains, so naturally, I related so well to their artistic representation as photographs. Nature and wildlife experienced during my travels have become a major focus for my own art. Thus, the subject, art of photography and the power of the camera provide me an infinitely changing trio, in which I can explore our world. 

It is this renewed discovery of our beautiful world and its cultures, specifically during my earliest travels abroad, that inspired me to find ways to capture and express the wonders and awe inspiring beauty our world exudes. It was the emotions I was feeling during those moments of discovery that I wanted to bottle up, in order to share them with those important to me, who could not be there. 

My first attempts were with cameras lacking the controls I needed in order to fully express the scenes as they spoke to me. Coming to this conclusion, while taking a picture of former Constantinople from across the Bosphorus in Istanbul Turkey, I knew right then I wanted to obtain better tools and knowledge. This inspired me, upon returning to the United States from those amazing first travels, to learn all I could about photography in the hopes to be more prepared the next time an inspiring composition presented itself. Thus began my journey, my passion grew and I began capturing images with more intention and control. My education began by reading a collection of books by one of our most profound photographic artists, Ansel Adams. His words and amazing images continually inspire and motivate me to experience our world through the lens. 

The photographic process has become a fulfilling way of expression. Through my experiences in life I have come to believe that patience is one of the most underrated and important of virtues. For me, photography slows down these moments of experience, thus providing a personal, contemplative meditation upon ones surroundings and the events that unfold. In this way, I appreciate a deeper sense of our physical reality, hoping to inspire others to seek such beauty in life. 

My desire to bring these moments back to life through fine art printing lead me to a unique printing process, where my images are printed using a dye sublimation process applied directly to a specially treated aluminum substrate. This process allows the depth, colors and detail to come alive once again. I hope that you enjoy these images as much as I enjoy capturing and sharing them.