About the Prints

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About the Fine Art Prints:

Each Joshua Perry Photography fine art print is produced on aluminum, using a specialize dye sublimation process. We start with a special polymer treated aluminum plate that accepts the dyes through a high pressure, high heat process. These prints are museum quality and guaranteed to maintain their image and color qualities for 100+ years, if cared for properly and kept out of direct sunlight.

Due to the nature of printing on aluminum plates, there may be present small variations in the finish. These are inherent and unique characteristics in the aluminum substrate and should be indistinguishable at appropriate viewing distances.

Please note: Due to differences in computer monitor settings, colors and/or tonality of actual prints, they may be slightly different than displayed online.

Choice of Finishes:

We currently offer three choices of finishes, a white high gloss, satin or brushed high gloss. The white high gloss finish is comparable to a high gloss photographic print, yet with more image depth and more color brilliance. The satin finish offers a softer finish, thus less sheen and reflectivity. For a more unique image, you can also select a brushed high gloss finish with any black and white prints. This brushed finish allows the metal to show through and gives a unique modern look to the print.

Choice of Framing:

Each fine art print comes with a choice of a float mounted framing or a frame to edge mount. Both are mounted away from the wall about an inch, the float mount hiding the frame and giving you a floating image effect, while the frame to edge is a boxed look. Frame to edge choices have three frame finishes to choose from: frosted silver, satin black or grey pewter.

Caring for Your Fine Art Print:

Like all fine works of art, your prints should be kept from direct sunlight in order to maintain the image and color integrity. Each print is provided with a microfiber cloth that can be used for cleaning the image, in conjunction with Isopropyl alcohol or Meguiar’s Cleaner Wax.